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critter_country's Journal

A Community For Small Animals And Their Owners

Critter Country
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This is a community open to all animals, but with a central focus on small animals/pocket pets!
Welcome to Critter Country!

Our main theme here in the community is on small animals (such as rats, guinea pigs, rabbits etc) and their care, but you're free to post anything related to animals here. Please do take a read over our rules of conduct before posting. Most of them are common sense things, but its always good to have some solid guidelines. :)

Rules of Conduct:

1. Like most communities, manners are important here. No harassment or personal attacks are allowed. If a post or thread starts to get out of hand, it will be frozen and the participants made to stop.

2. Any entry containing obvious animal abuse by the poster, or is simply meant to be shock imagery for our members, will be removed and the user banned from the community.

3. Asking for care advice is permitted and encouraged, but keep in mind that these are opinions from non-professionals. Any advice taken is by your own authority. If an animal is seriously ill or injured please seek professional help!

4. We want this community to be open to all age groups, so please keep all user activity within the community at PG-13 or below.

If you see anybody breaking the rules, please notify me and it will be handled promptly. Most situations will involve a warning to stop and a recommended rereading of the rules, further offenses will lead to banning.

If your post has an exceptionally large image, or more than two pictures total please use an LJ-Cut. Since most people adhere to this just fine I won't make it a rule unless it needs to be. Tags in posts are also very useful (but optional), so feel free to use the ones we already have as well as add your own!